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Superberries Red 1L


Also called the chokeberry, the Aronia berry is often found in swamps and wet woods. Ours grow on pretty shrubs native to North America. They are deliciously tart and juicy.
Bright and crisp, cranberries have lovely shiny skin and carry subtle sour flavour notes. We have sweetened ours to reduce natural tartness.
Ruby red in colour, our raspberries are small, soft and grow on wild bushes. They are sweet, plump and delicately fragrant to create a full bodied, complex taste.
Our pomegranate seeds are a little sour and similar to ripe cherries. The fruit has a thick, leathery coating which protects the pulp and seeds inside
Finally, we have added a pinch of hibiscus. This group of flowering plants is native to the subtropical regions of the world. Our extracts are crimson in colour and add a little functionality to this delicious blend.