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Cranberry Brazil (pack of 2)


Nutty Cranberry Brazil provides an extra source of selenium, containing positive fats for anti-ageing. A zingy cranberry coat gives an iron and calcium boost. Simply full of goodness!

Ingredients: organic brazil nuts, dates, almond butter, chia seeds, cinnamon, coated in raw organic cranberry powder.
Gluten free and Vegan friendly
One Amazeball: weight 30g, 4g of protein and 160kcal*.
*Each ball is handmade and rolled. All weights and nutritional values are approximates.

Claire’s Amazeballs are natural raw energy balls made from all natural ingredients such as dates, nuts, seeds and flavoursome fruits.
100% Natural Ingredients
100% Homemade
100% Tasty

Homemade, healthy protein balls that taste AMAZING! We’re talking about great flavours with great benefits.
Each flavour combination has been carefully selected to ensure each ball blows you away with super tasty flavours. From aromatic Lemon Turmeric, to the fiery Ginger Cashew; not to mention the knock-out zingy Cranberry Brazil! Each energy ball packs a punch on the flavour scale.
Rich in protein, vitamins and antioxidants, Claire’s Amazeballs are guilt free, loaded with buckets of natural energy. No long lists of ingredients and each energy ball is carefully measured, made and rolled at home by Claire in Marlow.
Perfect for a treat in your day, or as a pre/post workout and suitable for all the family.
Claire’s Amazeballs are gluten free and dairy free making them totally vegan friendly.

Shelf life - We recommend you eat Claire's Amazeballs within 10-14 days to enjoy the fresh flavours.
All packaging is eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable