Strawberry Grove is run by a rag tag gaggle of fine food lovers, who have fumbled their way into opening a shop, much to the amazement of themselves and others... Marta The driving force behind Strawberry Grove, and despite her somewhat dainty appearance, a veritable work horse. Often she was told running a shop whilst owning a ballet school and running an ethical cleaning agency in London was impossible. However, she has an uncommon knack at proving everyone wrong. It’s really not that normal. The picture however confirms that she finds it difficult to eat coconuts. Agnieszka A local in Wheeler End and Marlow for seven years, Agnieska thinks she’s found the place she wants to be in her life. The shop is her way of giving something back to the local area. The place is like her. It reflects her personality, and she wants everyone to like it as much as she does. Victoria Marta’s family is both morally upright and good natured. However, this doesn’t seem to extend to the youngest one of the bunch. Currently a tearaway student intent on destroying all that is good in the world, Vicky helps out in the shop during her university vacations. Surprisingly however, she’s doing a very good job of it. Maybe she has finally learnt the benefits of working to earn her way in life, instead of constantly poaching off mum and dad. Stuart Skilled in the art of delegation, Stuart often likes to stand back and take what he terms a ‘strategic approach’. Sightings of Stuart in the shop may therefore be as rare as an Osprey to an ornithologist, but he’s usually around if there’s any fresh but seemingly ‘left over’ stock to be taken home.   Menu Gallery Contacts Copyright       Strawberry Grove Ltd 2012   Enquiries Trade Enquiries Recruitment Made in Xara Web Designer About us Info Catering